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Contacting PCGS

Mailing Address
Pima County Genealogy Society
P.O. Box 16421
Tucson, Arizona 85732
(520) 589-5803
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Board of Directors
President: Sherri Hessick
Vice President: Robert Black
2nd Vice President: Lisa Elvin Staltari
Secretary: Gayle Johnson
Treasurer: Jodi Lynn Strait
Past President: Amy Urman
Committee Chairs
Steering Committee: Sherri Hessick
Membership: Lisa Elvin Staltari
Program Committee: April Hale
Workshop Committee: Betty Fridena
Newsletter: Jodi Lynn Strait
Publicity Committee: Nicole Dyer
Webmaster: Norman Phelps
Blogger: Renee Cue
Research Committee: Lisa Elvin Staltari
Seminar Committee: Amy Urman
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