Call for Presentations

PCGS Spring eConference

Theme: Research Strategies and Historical Writing

Saturday, March 30, 8:00am-3:00pm, Truly Nolen Leadership Training Center, Tucson, AZ. [The exact times are still being finalized]

Pima County Genealogy Society announces its call for presentations for its March 30, 2019 Spring eConference. PCGS is co-hosting this online and in-person seminar about solving difficult questions in your family tree and historical writing. Family History Fanatics is co-hosting the conference. With classes focusing on research methodology, DNA, historical context, and writing, this will be a valuable learning experience!

Three well-known presenters from across the country will be joining us via live webinar, including Emily Garber, Laura Hedgecock, and Devon Noel Lee. Attendees outside of our society will be invited to register and watch online as a fundraiser for our society. PCGS, Family History Fanatics, and the presenters will be spreading the word to their audiences online.

We hope to choose someone from among our membership to be the fourth speaker. This is a wonderful opportunity to reach a wider audience with your genealogy expertise, advance your genealogy career, and help others by sharing your unique perspective. Please submit your applications in one of the following three categories:

  • Research Strategies
  • DNA
  • Writing

Submit Application

Requirements: You must be a PCGS Member to submit an application. Please visit our website to become a member or renew. You may submit up to 3 presentations. Applications are due by February 5, 2019. Family History Fanatics will be paying each presenter, including the one from our society, $75.

To submit an application, go to this link: PCGS eConference Application.

Contact: Nicole Dyer