We’ve Got a New Home!

Front of Truly Nolen Leadership Training Center viewed from the parking lot.
Front of Truly Nolen Leadership Training Center viewed from the north parking lot.

If you have been attending our monthly meetings the last few months, you know that we had received word from Banner UMC that we had no guaranteed place to meet during much of 2019. We were faced with the task of locating a new, affordable meeting place with ample parking and guaranteed monthly availability. We found a wonderful facility at Truly Nolen’s Leadership Training Center at 436 S. Williams Blvd. in Tucson.

Map showing location of Truly Nolen LTC
Map showing location of Truly Nolen Leadership Training Center.

Located just 0.2 miles west of Craycroft and 0.5 miles south of Broadway, Truly Nolen’s LTC is a spacious new building with plenty of parking. There are a limited number of covered parking spaces in the north parking lot and all of them are within close walking distance to the building. There is more parking around the south side of the building, also within close walking distance, but you will have to climb a few stairs to reach the LTC. If you have trouble navigating stairs, I recommend you park in the north parking lot.

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The new facility has a large meeting room with ample seating, two screens, and a commercial kitchen. Unlike our previous meeting places, we are allowed to bring food and drink (non-alcoholic, please) in with us as long as we clean up after ourselves. The room is equipped with the latest state of the art technology.

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We are really excited about our beautiful new home and think that you will be, too. Please join us on January 19, 2019, when we will have our very first meeting there. And please bear with us as we learn to use that state of the art technology!

Have a safe and happy new year.